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NA-SRC10 3-Pin Low-Noise Adaptors, 3 pack NZ$8.05
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Noctua NA-SRC10 3-Pin Low-Noise Adaptors, 3 pack

The NA-SRC10 contains three resistors for reducing the speed of standard 3-pin fans by around 30%.


  1. Reduces the speed of 3-pin fans by approx. 30%
  2. Fully sleeved
  3. Supplied in a pack of 3

The NA-SRC10 is a fan accessory set consisting of three fully sleeved NA-RC10 Low Noise Adaptors (LNA) for Noctua 3-pin fans. Connected between the fan and the power source, the adaptors reduce the running speed and noise emission of the fans. The NA-SRC10 is ideal for slowing down Noctua’s redux edition fans (see speed tables).

Please note the following when using this product.

Never use one Low-Noise Adaptor to slow down multiple fans. Always use one adaptor per fan.

The NA-RC10 adaptors are not compatible with Noctua’s industrialPPC series.

The NA-RC10 adaptor is designed for use with Noctua 3-pin fans (except industrialPPC series). While it may work with many other fans, use with third party fans is not officially supported by Noctua, it is at the customer’s own risk and will void the warranty. The NA-RC10 adaptor is strictly not to be used with fans that draw more than 3W of power.

Cable length110mm
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4716123315148
Cable length110mm
Warranty24 months
EAN barcode4716123315148

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