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Almost instant reply to my pre-order enquiry. (6th February 2019 via Trustpilot)
NF-S12A PWM 12V 1200RPM 120mm Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan
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Noctua NF-S12A PWM 12V 1200RPM 120mm Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan

The NF-S12A marks the third generation of Noctua’s signature S12 series quiet case fans, which have received more than 250 awards and recommendations from the international press.


  1. Two speed settings for maximum quietness
  2. High 62.21 CFM airflow
  3. Advanced Acoustic Optimisation Frame
  4. Custom NE-FD1 circuitry for smooth speed control
  5. Smooth SSO-Bearings
  6. Six year warranty

Specifically conceived for pressure demanding applications such as CPU cooling, the classic NF-P12 120mm fan helped to found Noctua’s reputation as a top-tier manufacturer of premium quality quiet cooling components and still impresses users with its exquisite quietness and superb performance.

Featuring a further refined blade design with Anti-Stall Knobs that works in tandem with the new AAO or Advanced Acoustic Optimisation frame. The NF-S12A improve s the airflow/noise efficiency of its renowned predecessor by up to 8%. The PWM version sports Noctua’s custom designed NE-FD1 IC for fully automatic speed control via 4-pin fan headers and comes with a Low-Noise-Adaptor to reduce the maximum speed during PWM control from 1200 to 900rpm. Its superb running smoothness, and Noctua’s trusted premium quality make it an elite choice for quiet case cooling.

Noctua’s Advanced Acoustic Optimisation Frame

Noctua’s AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frames feature integrated anti-vibration pads as well as Noctua’s proprietary Stepped Inlet Design and Inner Surface Microstructures, both of which further refine the fan’s performance/noise efficiency.

Advanced Acoustic Optimisation Frame
Advanced Acoustic Optimisation Frame

Anti-stall Knobs: What is Stall?

Noctua’s S12 series fans impellers use a high angle of attack in order to achieve superior airflow. However, impellers with high angles of attack are typically more prone to undesired stall and flow separation phenomena that can occur when the fan is working against higher impedance such as when blowing through tight fan filters or when used on heatsinks and radiators.

What is Stall?
What is Stall?

In these situations when the fan is building up high pressure but less air is moving through, the speed of the air particles flowing alongside the suction side of the fan blades gradually decreases towards the trailing edge. The lower the speed and the higher the counter-pressure, the higher the risk of the air particles becoming detached from the blade surface. This flow separation phenomenon known as stall leads to undesired turbulence, reduced efficiency and translates into a dent in the fan’s performance curve.

Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads

Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads made from extra-soft silicone minimise the transmission of minute vibrations while maintaining full compatibility with all standard screws and other mounting systems.

Smooth Commutation Drive 2

The latest version of Noctua’s advanced Smooth Commutation Drive system ensures superb running smoothness by eliminating torque variations and switching noises. This makes the NF-S12A remarkably quiet even at very close distance.

Stepped Inlet Design

Noctua’s Stepped Inlet Design adds turbulence to the influx in order to facilitate the transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow, which reduces tonal intake noise, improves flow attachment and increases suction capacity, especially in space restricted environments.

Inner Surface Microstructures

With the tips of the fan blades ploughing through the boundary layer created by the Inner Surface Microstructures, flow separation from the suction side of the blades is significantly suppressed, which results in reduced blade passing noise and improved airflow and pressure efficiency.

Package Contents

As expected from Noctua, the fan is well packaged and is supplied with both the usual fan mounting screws and also rubber fan mounts to isolate the fan from the case ensuring that no vibrations from the fan can reach the case. An in-line resistor (L.N.A) is included and this simply lowers the voltage and therefore the overall speed of the fan if the default range of speeds are too high.

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SpecificationsNF-S12A PWM
Size120 x 120 x 25 mm
Connector4-Pin PWM
Blade GeometryS-Series with Anti-Stall Knobs
Maximum Rotational Speed ±10%1200 PRM
Maximum Rotational Speed ±10% with L.N.A. ±10%900 RPM
Maximum Airflow62.2 CFM
Maximum Airflow with L.N.A.49.0 CFM
Maximum Acoustical Noise17.8 dB(A)
Maximum Acoustical Noise with L.N.A.10.7 dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure1.19 mm H2O
Maximum Static Pressure with L.N.A.0.73 mm H2O
Input Power1.44 W
Input Current0.12 A
Voltage Range12 V
MTBF> 150.000 h
Warranty72 months
EAN barcode4716123314929

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