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Trusted Platform Module, TPM-M R2.0
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ASUS Trusted Platform Module, TPM-M R2.0

This TPM is designed to connect to your PC’s motherboard and will allow security features such as Windows BitLocker drive encryption to be used to their full potential.


  1. Gives full Trusted Platform Module functionality
  2. Easy to install on TPM-ready motherboards from ASUS
  3. Allows Microsoft BitLocker drive encryption to fully operate
  4. Simple upgrade to increase security of any compatible TPM-ready PC

What is a TPM?

A TPM is a microchip designed to provide basic security-related functions, primarily involving encryption keys. The TPM is usually installed on the motherboard of a computer, and communicates with the rest of the system by using a hardware bus.

Computers that incorporate a TPM have the ability to create cryptographic keys and encrypt them so that they can be decrypted only by the TPM. This process, often called “wrapping” or “binding” a key, can help protect the key from disclosure. Each TPM has a master wrapping key, called the Storage Root Key (SRK), which is stored within the TPM itself. The private portion of a key created in a TPM is never exposed to any other component, software, process, or person.

Computers that incorporate a TPM can also create a key that has not only been wrapped, but is also tied to specific hardware or software conditions. This is called “sealing” a key. When a sealed key is first created, the TPM records a snapshot of configuration values and file hashes. A sealed key is only “unsealed” or released when those current system values match the ones in the snapshot. BitLocker uses sealed keys to detect attacks against the integrity of the Windows operating system.

With a TPM, private portions of key pairs are kept separated from the memory controlled by the operating system. Because the TPM uses its own internal firmware and logic circuits for processing instructions, it does not rely upon the operating system and is not exposed to external software vulnerabilities.

For more details on using TPM with Microsoft’s BitLocker drive encryption, please see this Microsoft webpage. Note that BitLocker is available only with Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 10 Pro editions of Windows.

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“I am using dual boot PCs custom built from selected components. This typically gives not only great flexibility but also lots of bits, pieces and parts that came with the components but were not used in the assembly. Quiet PC is a great step forward from the big name suppliers with (too) limited configuration options but not quite to the extent of my previous experience. Also new to me was the UEIF BIOS that posed a challenge to get my favorite Ubuntu/W7 dual boot configuration to work as I wanted. As a result of these two issues I have had for a while several email exchanges with the Quiet PC support staff. I found them very patient, prompt and helpful and I am now enjoying a completely quiet, high performance dual booting PC. My only “gripe” is the - in my case hard to hide - laptop size external power block that somewhat disgraces the rather sleek Sidewinder casing I chose. Final verdict : for my next unit Quiet PC will certainly be on the list.”

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