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ArctiClean 60ml Thermal Material Remover and Surface Cleaner
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Arctic Silver ArctiClean 60ml Thermal Material Remover and Surface Cleaner

ArctiClean is a two-step cleaning process that removes existing thermal grease or pads from your heatsink and processor.

We are proud to introduce ArctiClean, the first retail product to emerge from the union of Arctic Silver and Nanotherm technology. ArctiClean is a two-step cleaning process that removes existing thermal grease or pads from your heatsink and processor or any other IC, and prepares the thermal surface for a fresh application of thermal interface material. This is an essential approach in order to maximise thermal conductivity between the heat source and the heatsink.

Unique Two-Step Process - Overview

ArctiClean Bottle 1 Thermal Material Remover quickly emulsifies and dissolves the existing thermal grease or pad from the CPU and/or heatsink so that it can easily be removed with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then, a few drops of ArctiClean Bottle 2 Thermal Surface Purifier and some gentle wiping removes the remaining residue and inhibits corrosion on the copper or aluminium surface.

ArctiClean Bottle 1: Thermal Material Remover

ArctiClean 1 uses a proprietary combination of non-toxic biodegradable solvents to emulsify thermal greases or thermal pads. The citrus and soy-based solvents in ArctiClean 1 match or exceed many hazardous and volatile solvents such as fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents, acetone, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), mineral spirits, isopropyl alcohol, and toluene.

ArctiClean Bottle 2: Thermal Surface Purifier

The cationic surfactants in ArctiClean 2 remove any residue left by the ArctiClean 1, leaving a pristine surface for the application of a new thermal interface material. It also incorporates advanced flash corrosion inhibitors that minimise the corrosion layer on copper and aluminium allowing for more intimate contact between the thermal interface material and the heatsink.

For more information please visit the manufacturer’s website.

SpecificationsArctiClean, 60ml
EAN barcode0832199004015
SpecificationsArctiClean, 60ml
EAN barcode0832199004015

Customer Reviews

dont paste without it


I’m a noob, never ever re-pasted a chip, after paying a so called pro to fit a new fan I had the worst overheating!!!! Used this to clean the fan and chip which were covered in paste and I mean covered. The Arctic5 paste dropped temp from 54 to 34 on idle, I just followed instructions from youtube lol.

Arctic Silver ArctiClean



A must!


A must for anyone changing cooling on CPU or GPU. Excellent product when used correctly as advised.

It removes and cleans


Does what it says on the t.., err, bottles.

Do away with the muck in a flash


If you’ve ever tried cleaning an older CPU or cooler of caked thermal compound without the aid of something like ArctiClean, you’ll appreciate that it’s both tricky and mucky work.

With ArctiClean, life gets a lot easier - the remover dilutes the muck and makes it a joy to remove, easily and quickly. The purifier leaves the surface shiny for the next installation.

The containers are well designed to give you controllable drops, easy to apply safely.

Arctic Silver ArctiClean 60ml Thermal Material Remover


Does the job. No problems.

Don't apply termal paste without it


Works brilliantly - a must have for any thermal paste application!

Truly a must have


This is a must have for everyone that will be installing a new CPU cooler or just giving the old one a fresh start. Amazing!

Arctic Silver ArctiClean 60ml


Never going to leave home without it … Been building machines for 20+ years and recently discovered this. Excellent product and will use for all future builds/rebuilds. Highly recommended.

Does exactly what it says on the tin


This stuff is excellent - easy to use, no mess, no fuss, and prepared the thermal surfaces perfectly.

Brilliant product


This stuff really is amazingly good, it does everything Arctic claim of it! A few drops on even a really old crudded-up heatsink, 30 seconds, wipe down and suddenly all the old compound is on the cloth and the heatsink is like new. Tested it on a wide variety of thermal pastes, including bonded sheets and wax based thermal interface, worked brilliantly on all of them. (Cleans your sinuses out too…..)

Arctic Silver ArctiClean, 60ml


Great stuff! After wiping away the excess old thermal grease and pads, Part 1 dissolves what remains in a few seconds. Part 2 removes the very last trace reading the surface for Arctic Silver 5. I use it on every build and re-build I do.

Great stuff.


If you build a few PCs or are just changing your heatsink this is what you need. I swear by it!

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