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Nofan CR-95C IcePipe 95W Fanless CPU Coolers Ultra

This next-generation fanless CPU cooler uses IcePipe technology - no fans, no dust, no noise. It is capable of silently cooling almost any modern processor with a TDP (thermal design power) output of up to 95 watts.


  1. Totally fanless CPU cooler with pearl black nickel-plating
  2. Uses patented IcePipe technology
  3. Can cool Intel & AMD CPUs with TDP of 95 watts or less
  4. Maintenance free and dust free
  5. Absolutely silent in operation
  6. Compatible with Intel LGA1150/1155/1156/775 and AMD FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2

Fanless cooling - at last!

Probably the biggest technical advancement of the last decade in the field of PC cooling has been the invention of the thermal heatpipe. This has allowed a much greater efficiency of heatsink to be designed since heatpipes are good at moving heat from one location to another, both quickly and silently.

However, the performance of heatpipes has been limited by their internal design, which relies on cyclic evaporation and condensation of the water inside them. That is until now! The next generation heatpipe has arrived - it’s smaller, lighter, wickless and offers a massive improvement in performance. Its design is patented by Nofan Corporation of South Korea, and it’s called the IcePipe.

The holy grail of quiet computing is excellent cooling without resorting to the use of a fan. Rather than using forced airflow along with its associated problems (noise, dust-build up, bearing wear and limited lifespan), convection cooling is undoubtedly the technology of the future and because of the IcePipe, this is now a realistic possibility.

The exact details of how the IcePipe works are a trade secret, but in essence it operates by liquid capillary action. By making the pipe very small, natural perpetual circulation of the liquid inside takes place and heat is efficiently dissipated into the attached heatsink fins. Of course, like conventional heatpipes, the IcePipes are permanently sealed in the factory so that no liquid can ever escape.

Nofan’s flagship CPU cooler

The CR-95C is Nofan’s flagship CPU cooler and replaces the CR-100A which was a slightly larger first-generation version. Because the CR-95C is physically a little smaller, it has much improved compatibility because of reduced interference with other motherboard components. It is certainly a thing of great beauty and if you happen to have a side-window in your PC, a definite talking point!

The primary consideration with the CR-95C (like all CPU coolers) is its ability to cool hot-running processors. The heat generated by a CPU is defined by its TDP (thermal design power) and is measured in watts. Newer processors tend to run cooler than previous generation models, although there will always be a trade-off between speed and heat. The CR-95C can continuously and silently cool any processor with a TDP specification of 95 watts and under, which includes the majority of processors on the market today - even high performance ones.

Please note - this cooler is only available as part of a system and not available as a separate component.



    “The NoFan CR-95C Copper is the first heatsink to actually pass our open platform cooler test without any assistance from a fan. Unlike the Thermalright HR-02 Macho or Silverstone Heligon HE02, it was designed from the ground up as a purely passive heatsink. There is no safety net, no fan mount option, and it doesn’t need one so long as the processor with which it’s paired doesn’t exceed the specified 95W TDP limit. We’ve encountered several “fanless” products that didn’t live up to their promises but the CR-95C passes muster with plenty of headroom.”

  • eTeknix

    “If you’re the kind of user who is frustrated with a noisy computer and you’ve realised the noisiest part of your computer is the CPU cooler, then we’d definitely say to you that this is a product to strongly consider. Providing you meet the space, RAM and processor requirements of this cooler, it really is a fantastic breath of fresh air. NoFan have taken the CPU cooler market, and turned it upside down.”

  • Quiet Mark

    “...Users will not be aware of any noise emissions. Noise generated by the monitor, for example, normally not considered to be a noisy item, is considerably louder than the PC itself during the boot cycle.”


    “Right so a 100% passive heat sink, we honestly thought this would be a bit of a downer review, but I can confirm nice and early we completely love the CR-95!”


    “The Nofan Fanless CR-95C IcePipe is a great solution for silent running for the sound conscious user. At 100% load on a 3.5GHz clock speed with a Core i7-2600K, the temperature only reaches 78 degrees Celsius; a really good result for a completely fanless cooling device.”

Customer Reviews

Great Passive Cooler


Fitting this cooler was fairly self explanatory but due to the size of the cooler it was fairly fiddly to fit. Other than this the cooler looks fantastic and has been doing a great job cooling my computer. With normal workloads I don’t even need any case fans running to keep the CPU at reasonable temps. Whilst torture testing the CPU with Prime 95 the CPU temp did get up to 85 Celsius after 15 mins. Whilst it’s unlikely someone will be running loads like this with normal use, just to be on the safe side I would add some case fans that will come on as temps get too hot. With just 2 120mm case fans running, the CPU temperature reached a consistent 70-ish Celsius whilst running Prime 95 in the hottest settings.

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